Hi, my name is
Aierto Lucero.
I build things for the web.
I'm a passionate programmer with more than 8
years of experience as a software engineer and 1-year experience being a
Team Lead web developer. Capable of developing a successful application
from front-end to back-end and databases.

About Me

Hello! My name is Aierto and I enjoy developing websites and applying software design patterns when coding. Back in 2010 I always thought that IT was all about games, hence took a Bachelor's Degree in Information Technology — turns out it's about "ones" and "zeros", and yet eventually fell in love with it.
Fast-forward to today, I'm a Senior Full-Stack Engineer in a company and have gained various skills in programming. Having acquired knowledge and developed the skill to create a website from scratch, I was able to provide services to small businesses and individuals alike.
Here some technologies that I enjoyed the most:
C#.NetReactLaravelVue JsVuexNext JSReduxMantine.devSocket IOClojurescript

My Work Experience

Pressboard Media Inc. by impact.com
Senior Software Engineer (Oct 2022 ~ PRESENT)
  • Working on a web platform for publishers and agencies that measures their sponsored contents, eCommerce, and social media programs.
  • Experience integrating external APIs, including Taboola and StackAdapt, into their platform.
Chromedia Inc.
Software Engineer Contractor (Feb 2021 ~ Sept 2022)
  • Working on a logistics company based in Colorado that provides a SaaS ERP system used by hundreds of small e-commerce companies and individuals.
  • Able to integrate and enhance e-commerce APIs such as Netsuite, Shopify, Amazon and etc. on their ERP system.
  • Able to provide a RESTFUL API from scratch using C#.net to be used on their Android scanners for their inventory management.
Inspire Team
Senior Fullstack Engineer (July 2021 ~ July 2022)
  • Working on an API and a traffic management admin tool using Vue JS and Laravel PHP.
  • Working on an API and a web platform related to ad traffic manipulation using React JS.
Compare Club
Senior Software Engineer (Mar 2019 ~ Aug 2020)
  • Developed an API from scratch using PHP symphony and SQL AWS and integrated the Ipscape API for their call syncing module.
  • Maintained and developed PHP symphony websites.
Inspire Team
Mid Level Software Engineer (Nov 2017 ~ Mar 2019)
  • Maintained and develop MERN stack application using React Redux and MongoDB.
  • Maintained and develop an API web configuration for chrome extensions using Laravel.
  • Maintained and develop chrome extensions.
  • Created a C# ASP.Net application that was used by a well known bank in England.
Savvysherpa, Inc. (Sister Company of Fortify Technologies Inc.)
Software Engineer (Apr 2016 ~ Oct 2017)
  • Worked on an C# ASP.NET ERP system used in a chocolate factory in Belgium(Reusing what we've done in 2014 in Fortify Technologies).
  • Worked on an application that continuously monitors and analyzes glucose data received from insulin devices using Clojure+ClojureScript technology.
Bluefrog Content and Support, Inc.
Lead Web Developer (Apr 2015 ~ Apr 2016)
  • Developed and worked on multiple live betting game platforms.
  • Responsible for the architecture designs and technologies used for some of the platforms.
  • Able to create Croupier's live platforms and integrate WebSockets to barcode scanners to make it real-time.
  • Worked on live betting game platforms using Socket.io, Laravel, and Angular 1.
Fortify Technologies Inc.
Software Developer (Jul 2014 ~ Apr 2015)
  • Worked on an Enterprise Resource Planning system using C# ASP.NET technology.
  • Developed and maintained functionalities for an existing Enterprise Resource system used by a manufacturing company.

Get in touch

Although I’m currently not looking for any new opportunities, my inbox is always open. Whether you have a question or just want to drop a message, I’ll try my best to get back to you!
Email: aierto.lucero@gmail.com
Mobile: +1 (604) 7836 925
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